Daughter being touched at daycare by another child

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Country: United States of America
State: South Carolina

My three year old daughter goes to a daycare that has children from the age 2 to 5. They are put in different classes' base on their age. My daughter is in a three year old class. There is a boy in her class that she says continues to try and put his hand in her pants. I went to the teacher and director. And they inform me that they would speak with his parents. The issue seems to be continuing to go on. I feel like I should not have to move my child from this daycare because she loves it. But I feel that they are not taking the issue serious. I feel like that is an issue that I would to take to court because this is a serious issue to her and I don't want her to think that anyone can touch. Please help me take the next step. My aunt told me I can take the parents and daycare to court but under what charge?


We do not think it is yet a court matter; ask the center to explain what they have done or will do--and explain in writing. Tell them you may inform the state licensing agencies if no action is taken.
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