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DAUGHTER-IN-LAW. In Latin, nurus, is the wife of one's son.

References in classic literature ?
He indicated a place beside him to his daughter-in-law.
Vincy, after some struggle, had gone with Fred to stay a little while at Stone Court, there being no other way of at once gratifying old Featherstone and keeping watch against Mary Garth, who appeared a less tolerable daughter-in-law in proportion as Fred's illness disappeared.
That gentleman's mother was then staying in the house; and, as I ascended the stairs and passed the drawing-room door, I had the satisfaction of hearing the old lady declaiming aloud to her daughter-in-law to this effect (for I could only distinguish the most emphatic words) -
It is exactly like her to take that roundabout way of satisfying her curiosity about a daughter-in-law she disapproves of.