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DAY RULE, or DAY WRIT, English practice. A rule or order of the court, by which a prisoner on civil process, and not committed, is enabled, in term time, to go out of the prison, and its rule or bounds; a prisoner is enabled to quit the prison, for more or less time, by three kinds of rules, namely: 1. The day-rule. 2. The term-rule; and 3. The rules. See 9 East, R. 151.

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The party has also asked its leaders to expose the 49- day rule of Kejriwal in delhi.
May I suggest, that if Prince William volunteered to live in social housing for a month while living only an job seekers' allowance he will quickly gain a much greater understanding of some of the subjects, that he may one day rule over.
By then protests are probably impossible because of the ten day rule.
Assuming the greyhound date receives approval from the Government, there will be double prize-money paid for the first eight weeks, and the 42- day rule will be waived.
Brown is furious that the SFA have left it up to him to decide whether the FIFA five day rule should be applied when he calls up players from their clubs.
This was supposed to be the seat of American fascism from where Hitler would one day rule the United States," historian Randy Young said.
The Jockey Club has objected to Monserrate's most recent winner under the guise of Jacobs-Gymcrak Flyer at Beverley on August 13-under its 14- day rule, which allows the stewards to question results in the wake of dope tests and any other possible irregularities.
Summary: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's baby should one day rule as monarch, regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl.
5 day rule is that we don't have to wait around for three whole days worrying "are they into me?
But The Three Day Rule is also guaranteed to bring plenty of smiles and thrills - and several laughing groans of recognition at the scenes as the family gathers on Christmas Day
Last week we revealed how 54-year-old John Cumberland, of Partick, Glasgow, was able to kill a man because of the 110- day rule.