Days of the week

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DAYS OF THE WEEK. These are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. See Week.
     2. The court will take judicial notice of the days of the week, for example, when a writ of inquiry was stated in the pleadings to have been executed on the fifteenth of June, and, upon an examination, it was found to be Sunday, the proceeding was held to be defective. Forteso. 373; S. C. Str. 387.

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Most commonly researched among these is the Monday effect, which implies that the mean stock returns on Mondays are much lesser than returns on the other working days of the week while the highest average stock returns are normally discovered on Fridays over majority of the global financial markets (Mitra & Khan, 2014).
Gate 4: 24-hour security on all days of the week, a total of 3 people.
The days of the week are associated with various things including, emotions, people, numbers and cakes.
However, different days of the week were responsible for the detected effect.
Services from Gdansk will leave at 11:15 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays and at 18:10 on the remaining days of the week.
According to studies, certain days of the week will see you more likely to give birth, give up smoking or havebad luck.
For the final three days of the week, Thursday through Sunday, his approval rating was 62%, with a 32% disapproval rating.
Now Premier Foods is axing the name and putting days of the week on packs instead.
In Wales the latest Sports Council for Wales survey revealed that the number of primary school children (7-11 years) achieving 60 minutes of physical activity a week, five days of the week is 41%.
Bank of New Zealand is to open its first full service branch that would be open on all days of the week.
Cecchetti divided the days of the week in such a way that emphasis was given to different muscle groups on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
The petition proposes to adjust the calendar so that each year dates would consistently fall on the same days of the week.