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Verite) in music, the analogy of the marvelous (le merveilleux), and the experience of dazzlement (eblouissement) by an excess of truth (exces de Verite), which leads to that "breakthrough toward the beyond.
One wonders whether, like "Sweeney Todd," "Next to Normal" awaits an even richer life in future scaled-down, more intimate revivals, when the sources of dazzlement are the people and their problems alone.
Contemporary media dazzles in extraordinary ways, but the dazzlement happens to the child.
You would have to be MAD to deny the dazzlement of such things as the Idaho ludlamite, Pakistani pink fluorite, Himmelsfurst mine wire silver, New Mexico smoky quartz Japan-law twin, etc.
By way of the wound, into the dazzlement of Light: these four poets write of a dual, integrated fate; they reward us with intimations of that "Wholly Other" for whom our nothingness is a numinous abode (Otto, 25, 30).
Earnest' is less story than pure dazzlement and wit.
Much in my body and mind comes together--coheres--while listening to Nono, though under the guise of seeming to fall apart, in a dazzlement of feathers, as if after unspeakable, ecstatic carnage, although in truth the only casualties of this rite of auditory self-cannibalism are my preconceptions.
The 50th Anniversary of Taylor's own company joyously offers a body of work here-including a small, precious dazzlement of masterpieces--to be maintained.
He discovered the principle of the excluded middle and logical tautology, and this created such a dazzlement that he used them as a means of cutting out, in the evanescent change of senses, the notion of Being, of that which is, one, motionless, filling the universe, without birth and indestructible; the not-Being, not existing, circumscribed, and spherical .
The theatre is dazzlement and fun--the theatre is a place where you can laugh your head off with other people.
The film equates spectacular dazzlement with repressive power structures, with a totalitarianism or imperialism that is political as well as cultural.