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prep. short for "doing business as," when a person or entity uses a business name instead of his/her/its own. All states have requirements for filing a certificate of "doing business under a fictitious name" either with the county clerk, the state Secretary of State or some other official to inform the public as to the real person or entity behind a business name. It is not necessary if the business includes the name of the true owner and is not to be confused with the use of a corporation name, since that is registered with the state.

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Both forms of PKD and related cystic diseases still lack PKD-specific therapeutics - DBM has identified PKD as a central disease initiative that requires our tireless work.
In announcing this leadership transition, Gasparini thanked Gorman for her contributions to DBM and the support she has provided to DBM's offices and customers in North America.
In the near future, we anticipate receiving one additional 510(k) clearance for our Grafton(R) DBM product line for use in dental applications.
All DBM products processed by RTI consist of demineralized bone matrix in a purified gelatin carrier, with bone chips added to the moldable version for osteoconduction.
Accomplishing this on the scale necessary for major VOD deployments requires the simultaneous bulk encryption of hundreds of VOD programs in real time, which today can only be accomplished with the DBM.
15 /PRNewswire/ -- China Miner Gorman, an internationally respected leader in professional services and human capital management, has been appointed President of North America for DBM, a global human capital management and transitions firm.
Complementing its bandwidth optimizing capabilities, the DBM is exceptionally easy to deploy as it processes VOD programs in real-time, eliminating the need for complicated pre-processing of the programs and any complex integration with VOD servers.
The Company previously announced on November 29, 2005 that it had received 510(k) clearance for Grafton Plus(R) DBM Paste for use in orthopedic procedures and announced on December 5, 2005 that it had received 510(k) clearance for Grafton Plus(R) DBM Paste for use in dental, oral and cranio/maxillofacial procedures.
The advanced architecture of the DBM offers an operationally simple solution for VOD bandwidth optimization, which allows operators to deliver substantially more VOD content without requiring additional bandwidth.
Sam Owusu-Akyaw, Osteotech's President and Chief Operating Officer, stated, "The Grafton Plus(R) DBM Paste 510(k) for dental, oral and cranio/maxillofacial procedures is the second 510(k) clearance received by the Company from a series of five previously reported 510(k) applications that the Company has filed with the FDA covering its family of DBM products.
Progenix DBM Putty provides a bone void filler that is resorbed and is replaced by host bone during the healing process.