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prep. short for "doing business as," when a person or entity uses a business name instead of his/her/its own. All states have requirements for filing a certificate of "doing business under a fictitious name" either with the county clerk, the state Secretary of State or some other official to inform the public as to the real person or entity behind a business name. It is not necessary if the business includes the name of the true owner and is not to be confused with the use of a corporation name, since that is registered with the state.

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According to the DBM, the beneficiary LGU would be required to submit quarterly reports on the utilization of the fund, as well as the status of the program or project implementation.
The proposed joint resolution will double the base pay of a Police Officer [PO] I in the Philippine National Police or a Private in the Armed Forces of the Philippines and equivalent ranks in the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology, Bureau of Fire Protection, Philippine Public Safety College, Philippine Coast Guard, and the National Mapping and Resource Information Authority,' the DBM statement last week said.
The UV-Vis absorption bands of pure DBM and complexes C1 and C2 were measured in THF solutions (c~1.
Furthermore, DBM said larger departments with a number of complex items that need to be procured should increase the number of BACs to handle the load.
NanoFUSE DBM is a novel composite allograft (human tissue graft) expressly designed to optimize surgical handling performance, graft stability, and osteoproductivity.
BioReady DBM Putty is sterilized through the Cancelle SP Demineralization Process.
Stuart Dyson, Operations Manager at DBM said: "We are impressed with the location, the facilities and every aspect of Il Palazzo.
In the 1710 to 1785 MHz DCS Tx-band region in GMSK mode the PAM's typical output power is 33 dBm with +3 dBm input with a PAE of 50 percent.
DBM provides this surgical precision by mapping out the variances in consumer demand by item, category, loyalty cards and zone.
Where: P = the power in the Antenna output in dBm E = the field strength in [micro]v/m F = the frequency in MHz
The deeper understanding of price elasticity that DBM provides, Longs executives say, is then used to modify prices and promotions to support a number of priorities, including maximizing volume, margins or price image, or balancing all three simultaneously.
In fact, according to a recent study of 481 companies in 25 countries conducted by DBM, an outplacement firm in Stamford, Conn.