De medietate linguae

DE MEDIETATE LINGUAE. Of half tongue. Vide Medietas linguae.

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22) Judges in both state and federal courts granted juries de medietate linguae upon request of non-citizens who had been charged with crimes.
The practice of granting juries de medietate linguae did not persist for very long, as state courts began to find that a non-citizen's right to a jury de medietate linguae no longer existed.
Although in the early part of the nineteenth century non-citizens did sit on juries de medietate linguae convened for trials of non-citizens, the jury de medietate linguae was a right of the non-citizen on trial rather than the non-citizens serving.
see also LaRue, supra note 12, at 862 (pointing out the state courts' brief treatment of the jury de medietate linguae issue in these subsequent cases).