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De Jure

[Latin, In law.] Legitimate; lawful, as a Matter of Law. Having complied with all the requirements imposed by law.

De jure is commonly paired with de facto, which means "in fact." In the course of ordinary events, the term de jure is superfluous. For example, in everyday discourse, when one speaks of a corporation or a government, the understood meaning is a de jure corporation or a de jure government.

A de jure corporation is one that has completely fulfilled the statutory formalities imposed by state corporation law in order to be granted corporate existence. In comparison, a de facto corporation is one that has acted in Good Faith and would be an ordinary corporation but for failure to comply with some technical requirements.

A de jure government is the legal, legitimate government of a state and is so recognized by other states. In contrast, a de facto government is in actual possession of authority and control of the state. For example, a government that has been overthrown and has moved to another state will attain de jure status if other nations refuse to accept the legitimacy of the revolutionary government.

De jure Segregation refers to intentional actions by the state to enforce racial segregation. The Jim Crow Laws of the southern states, which endured until the 1960s, are examples of de jure segregation. In contrast, de facto racial segregation, which occurred in other states, was accomplished by factors apart from conscious government activity.

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de jure

adj. Latin for lawful, as distinguished from de facto (actual). (See: de jure corporation)

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de jure

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DE JURE, by right. Vide De facto.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Babar said de-facto state is exempted from accountability and de-jure state faces accountability.
Square urging them to achieve de-jure recognition of Raffi Hovannisian as president of Armenia.
According to a survey released by a Taiwan-based non-profit organization promoting democracy, the majority of the Taiwanese population favors the cross-strait "status quo," which shows that people actually oppose Chinese annexation rather than explicitly supporting de-jure Taiwan independence, reports the Liberty Times.
In a press statement issued on Monday, Senator Taj Haider said that the de-jure method used in Census 2017 had registered migrants in their provinces of origin and not in the provinces of their present residence.
First one is called 'De-jure' in which persons are counted at their usual place of residence while the other is called 'De-fecto' in which persons are counted where they are found on the census data.
My position was constitutional as I was appointed by the President of Pakistan and I was the de-facto as well as de-jure Chief Justice, he vowed.