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Based on types, global bottled fuel additives market is classified into corrosion inhibitors, demulsifiers, cetane improvers, detergents, metal deactivators, antioxidants,anti-knocking additives and others.
Because of the high concentration and small size of activator with respect to the deactivator, it can diffuse to the viscose zone easily and therefore results in higher propagation rates.
Eastman Inhibitor OABH is a copper deactivator for polyolefins, especially in wire insulation.
Among the custom-engineered compressor components offered are actuators and deactivators, fuel valve modulators and a large line of industry-preferred, high-efficiency compressor poppet valves.
Beside inhibitors, antioxidants, and stabilizers this class of additives includes inhibitors that prevent corrosion and rust formation and also metal deactivators inhibiting gum formation catalysed by some metals.
Herkert subject pacemakers, defibrillators, and other devices to the energy fields created by a representative sample of eight electronic article surveillance systems and two EAS system tag deactivators provided by their manufacturers.
In this way, he says, companies can offer complete Windows-based telephone systems that include antiwandering devices and door locks and elevator deactivators that are linked to nurse call systems, smoke and fire alarms - even quick-response units for residents who wear alert pendants.
Another new series of products from Ampacet is recommended for use in PP as metal deactivators.
Expert additive treatments are used in situations requiring H2S scavengers, cetane improvers, pour point depressants, lubricity improvers, conductivity improvers, corrosion inhibitors, oxidation stabilizers and metal deactivators.
Different types of responses used by these sensors include alarms, fire suppression system and fuel line deactivators.
The solution integrates ADT's extended line of Sensormatic Ultra*Max deactivators with NCR's latest generation, small-footprint bioptic scanner/scale, the NCR RealScan 74 OFX.