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According to the research published ahead of print in Heart journal, Heart attacks that occur between 6am and noon are more likely to leave a 20% larger area of dead tissue (infarct) caused by the attack, which is more serious for the person affected, than at any other time of the day.
However, if dirt or dead tissue remains in a wound, infection may spread through the body.
Applying three standard tests, the researchers made measurements to assess the extent of dead tissue in the brain resulting from a clot.
We tried to cut out all the dead tissue but the infection continued to spread.
Again, some 7-8 days later she passed more dead tissue, some of it about 5 cm in length and 2-3 cm in width.
There was a small patch of Charlotte where all the leaves are rotting, and ominous chocolate brown patches of dead tissue on leaves elsewhere.
As well as having effective antibacterial properties, honey has an osmotic action meaning its high sugar content actively draws fluid from the wound helping the body to dissolve and remove dead tissue.
After we remove the dead tissue, we use a balloon-like device to mea sure the remaining volume of the left ventricle and make a patch to fit.
Flies lay their eggs in decaying flesh or any moist area with an ample supply of dead tissue.
D, as in debridement, means removing dead tissue from a wound so it can heal.
They remove the dead tissue and bacteria, leaving the healthy tissue to heal.
Quite simply - and readers of a delicate disposition should skip the next bit - the maggots would eat up all the dead tissue over the blood clot and clean the wound.