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The scientists are still working to confirm that LF's inhibition of the MAPK pathway explains the deadliness of anthrax.
Once HIV infects a person, it risks falling victim to its own deadliness.
Cancer may kill, but its deadliness depends upon the ability to keep alive the dividing cells that feed its malignant growth.
But experts fear a pandemic if someone with ordinary flu were to catch the deadly form of the bird flu - and create create a new strain combine the deadliness of the H5N1 strain with normal flu's ability to spread at speed.
But recently, seismologists have come to think that the deadliness of the Sept 19 quake was also due in part to its long duration.
There were also doubts raised about the deadliness of the toxin.
To some people he was always the coolest of customers, cold eyes, that reflected his deadliness in front of goal.
GENIUS comes in many guises, and there is a deceptive deadliness about the Dutchman.
Aguero's enduring deadliness, Kompany's unquenchable spirit in the face of adversity, and Silva's undying class were all rewarded with goals.
At the same time, a vast amount of money and resources have been spent to increase the deadliness of missiles and bombs.
Employees need to be productive, and grief can turn even stellar employees into ones who become angry, slack off, miss deadliness, or withdraw from others, he says.