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Dearing said the newly merged operations will retain the Kruman name, and operate as a division of Dearing.
It took us almost a year to finish it,' Dearing recounts.
Dearing notes that "over 40% of all existing mammals eat only plants" and many more eat some plants.
The now-retired Dearing (she worked with development agency Yorkshire Forward) said she was collecting her laundry when she saw moving lights and shapes in the sky.
Dearing leaves behind his wife Kathleen (Woodbury) Dearing of Worcester; a son, Alfred J.
Dearing could not have been more clear: "No, no, no.
Dearing was a working class boy who had left grammar school in Hull at 16, to be a clerk at his local labour exchange.
Mr Dearing will leave the Swansea-based company today "to pursue other interests".
The lecture programme, named after Cardinal Newman whose ideas on education and universities have had global influence, featured Lord Dearing who re-visited the theme of The Idea of a University.
The report by former civil servant Lord Dearing said children's love of computers should be harnessed to enthuse them about learning German, Spanish and French.
We haven't discovered suitable exchange areas,'' BLM spokesman John Dearing said.