Death bed

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DEATH BED, Scotch law. The incapacity to exercise the power of disposing of one's property after being attacked with a mortal disease.
     2. It commences with the beginning of such disease.
     3. There are two exceptions to this general rule, namely: 1. If he survive for sixty days after the act or, 2. If he go to kirk or market unattended. He is then said to be in legitima potestate, or in liege poustie. 1 Bell's Com. 84, 85.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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His daughter, Makaziwe Mandela, said that her father is very strong and courageous, even on his death bed, News24 reports.
A millionaire''s emotional U-turn upon hearing he only has weeks to live forms the story of Death Bed.
Pakistan Steel Mills, Karachi - another unit on death bed and likely to be soon sold to private sector - too got Rs 30.45 b okayed for increasing its capacity to 1.5 million tons yearly.
Remember Yul Brynner's message from his death bed, if you want ignore it, do it at your own risk!
Seeing Kevin on his death bed is a big blow for her and she must now face up to the reality that she could be charged with manslaughter, should he not make it.
It's true that the Freedom Forum--sponsored journalism museum--complete with a Wolfgang Puck restaurant and a 74-foot marble etching of the First Amendment--seems a bit ostentatious for an industry purportedly on its death bed.
The pace bowler said: "With close family on their death bed you would, wouldn't you?"
By the time I visited my Grandma on her death bed in Sept, 1969 I had gotten a job, got laid a few times and grew back a great big handle bar mustache.
'People say they would get off their death bed to ride the Gold Cup favourite.
If you don't have good stories to tell on your death bed, what good was living?
The IRS will challenge FLPs formed shortly before a taxpayer's date of death--so-called "death bed partnerships." In Kimbell and Strangi, the FLP was formed two months before date of death, and in Harper, the FLP was formed eight months before date of death.
# IF you want to pull a sickie successfully, don't go on the telly when you're supposed to be on your death bed.