Death bed

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DEATH BED, Scotch law. The incapacity to exercise the power of disposing of one's property after being attacked with a mortal disease.
     2. It commences with the beginning of such disease.
     3. There are two exceptions to this general rule, namely: 1. If he survive for sixty days after the act or, 2. If he go to kirk or market unattended. He is then said to be in legitima potestate, or in liege poustie. 1 Bell's Com. 84, 85.

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A millionaire''s emotional U-turn upon hearing he only has weeks to live forms the story of Death Bed.
Pakistan Steel Mills, Karachi - another unit on death bed and likely to be soon sold to private sector - too got Rs 30.
On her death bed my grandmother informed me that my mother, rich Uncle Pete, and my Aunt Cleo wanted her to beg me to shave off my great big handle bar mustache for her impending funeral since she was near death from leukemia.
He marries a woman with whom he is madly and passionately in love, but tragedy comes into their life and their estrangement is not resolved until Jubilo is on his death bed.
You go through life and on your death bed you ask yourself, "Did I pull the "Twist?
A car accident leaves scrawny wannabe cop Marvin on his death bed.
Dubbed the Manley Accord in honor of the late Jamaican leader Michael Manley who literally orchestrated the negotiations from his death bed in 1996 and early 1997, the agreement is meant to "strengthen all-round co-operation, transform industrial relations practice through consensus building and ensure an environmentally-friendly and safe operation for the benefit of all parties";
Both intimate and public, the bed and its associated elements--mattresses, cradles, blankets--are loaded with connotations: pleasure and life, unhappiness, isolation, the death bed, and so on.
Even Elijah Muhammad catches a supernatural break from Lee, who depicts the Messenger as increasingly ill and out of it, virtually on his death bed, a full ten years before he died, thus deflecting responsibility for the lethal climate that formed around the image of Malcolm as a traitor to the Nation.
On her death bed Maria had named Master Shaukat for her alleged murder.
And This is My Friend Mr Laurel is a one-man show that takes place in the bedroom of Oliver Hardy as he lies on his death bed.