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Placing fashion into a space for intellectual distance and withdrawal from which to contemplate deathliness, its most frightening characteristic, neutralizes it, much in the same way that authors (e.
This requires a bold confidence (the kind that Paul exhibits) that refuses the world's deathliness and that acts with and toward the new life God gives.
The shrine became the destination of pilgrimage, a place to petition the saint for favors that kept deathliness at bay, and also a burial ground for the community's beloved dead.
24) Soledad's spectre and her deathliness become an intolerable 'presence' which remains 'outside of science', invoking not the miracles of science but more the possibilities ofmagic.
And Lara Croft slithered through tombs and military installations with wasp-waisted deathliness, soft-porn for computer nerds rather than any kind of role model for female adolescents.
The inescapable presence of deathliness in Yi and Yang's subsequent work is unflinching and likely to pose difficulties for some readers.
Theologian Walter Brueggemann describes Biblical prophecies as attempts to uncover "the real deathliness that hovers over .
Within its limits the image blends two main features of Darwin's world, its astonishingly evolved, beautiful, sexual and reproductive contrivances and its deathliness.
In Baraka's work, Dada's linguistic method is appropriated into black nationalist aesthetics and deployed against the deathliness of all Western/white language and culture.
It speaks about God's will for new life working where we thought our tired deathliness would prevail.
4) Managing to avoid compulsiveness and retrieve their own voices, they had expertise in anticipating the deathliness (and musical deadness) of obsessiveness become compulsive.
Deathliness then is the motivation for the propulsion of narrative, its very structure depends upon the shadow beneath which it must pass.