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This phrase--"with respect to the debtor"--has caused a split among courts as to how it limits the termination of the automatic stay for a repeat bankruptcy filer under Bankruptcy Code [section]362(c)(3)(A).
" The timing of and professed rationale for the Debtors' actions with respect to the prepetition transfers is suspect, and the evidence leads the Court to conclude that the Debtors transferred funds with the intent to hinder, delay, or defraud their creditors by transferring and concealing those funds.
The FLSP recognizes the following types of insolvency proceedings: (a) voluntary (debtor-initiated) liquidation of insolvent juridical debtors; (b) involuntary (creditor-initiated) liquidation of insolvent juridical debtors; (c) voluntary liquidation of insolvent individual debtor; and d) involuntary liquidation of insolvent individual debtors.
Our survey included 450 debtors who entered the debt relief programs in 2008, i.e., those for whom debt relief has now ended or who were close to fulfilment thereof in 2013.
The legislature responded to the Deary decision by adding CPLR sections 5222(d) and (e), requiring that debtors be notified of the restraining notice and the possibility of exempting property from judicial process.
TAE[currency]KENT (CyHAN)- Uzbekistan's President Islam Karimov signed a law 'On the mortgage registry' - a single information database on the rights of creditors for the debtor's property, provided as security for liabilities.
Furthermore, financial advisors should remain aware of relevant federal tax implications of bankruptcy petitions for individual debtors. Although individual debtors are allowed protection under Chapters 7, 11, and 13, this discussion will focus only on Chapters 7 and 13.
Mufleh Al-Qahtani, president of NSHR, said creditors should seize debtors' properties instead.
Bank assumed responsibility for the distribution of the VP Trust assets, which comprised most of the remaining assets of VP Debtors. (Disclosure: Franklin Ciaccio, who authored this article, served as counsel to U.S.
I would also encourage debtors to join the Facebook group"Banned Travel Support Group", you will find some very useful information and support.
In 1999, Willie and Robalene Giles (Debtors) built their home on 10.63 acres of property they owned.