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DECAPITATION, punishment. The punishment of putting a person to death by taking off his head.

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The so-called decapitation unit isn't the only tactic to be announced by the South Korean military when it comes to defending itself against the North.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is particularly concerned about decapitation, a method the organization has urged state agencies to outlaw.
The strategic logic of leadership decapitation has been studied widely in recent times.
A human skull found in a Brazilian rock-shelter represents the oldest known case of decapitation in the Americas, researchers report September 23 in PLOS ONE.
Larson exposes the history of decapitation and related practices.
She first distilled her critique in a 2009 article in Security Studies titled, "When Heads Roll: Assessing the Effectiveness of Leadership Decapitation.
The producer of this tragi-comedy, appeared very pleased with the achievements of their plan and reported even to have increased their "Aid" package to lubricate the decapitation processes.
Le lieu d'enterrement du corps du touriste francais Herve Gourdel a ete localise, jeudi dernier, dans la daira d'Ain El Hammam (Tizi Ouzou) par l'Armee nationale populaire (ANP), apres plus de trois mois de recherches et de ratissage depuis son enlevement et sa decapitation par un groupe terroriste.
Another study reaches the opposite conclusion, suggesting that successful decapitation shortens wars while also lowering their intensity.
24 ( ANI ): Facebook has apparently taken a U-turn in setting rules for its graphic content sharing policy and reportedly removed the alleged decapitation video from its platform.
After decapitation with a small knife a head was lifted high for show.
POSTURAL DESCRIPTIONS are an important feature of decapitation scenes in Anglo-Saxon texts.