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Most of radon radiation and its progeny is easily absorbed by human's skin surface, therefore human's inner irradiance is the most important, that is the irradiance due to inhaled radon decay products in the organism (Hess et al.
The largest exposure dose rates in reference organisms resulting from natural radionuclides were determined in the case of [sup.238]U and its decay products (insect larvae--7.2 [mu]Gy [h.sup.-1], vascular plants--41.8 [mu]Gy [h.sup.-1]).
Similar to the decay product scenario of Th-series Ra isotope [sup.228]Ra, establishing radioactive equilibrium of decay product radionuclides with parent [sup.226]Ra is potentially confounded by the presence of a gaseous isotope (i.e., [sup.222]Rn, [t.sub.1/2] = 3.82 days) in the decay series.
Using a mass spectrometer, the researchers examined with unprecedented precision the amount of the decay product neodymium-142 relative to a stable form of neodymium in the rock.
Some NORM sources, however, might increase the risk of cancer -- especially among workers who inadvertently inhale large amounts of radon decay products or who experience direct, long-term gamma-radiation exposure.
SA has high levels of environmental contamination of mine tailings from uranium and its decay products.
Also, Intertek can now test and diagnose dissolved decay products present in insulating fluids for the power industry through special equipment.
And chitin, or chitin decay products, preserve really very well in the fossil record.
For example, in a good approximation one can describe the unstable particle [alpha] with one decay channel [alpha] [right arrow] [beta] + [gamma], in the part of the Fock space, which includes the particle [alpha] itself and its decay products [beta] + [gamma]
Urban Decay products always "walk the fine line between art and commerce," says Zomnir.
Their method consisted of measuring the Cherenkov light emitted by the particles of the atmospheric shower initiated by the decay products of the [tau] charged lepton.
According to the lawsuit, sampling conducted at their property last summer found "high levels of uranium decay products, including thorium, lead, radon" in the kitchen, basement and yard.