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TO DECEIVE. To induce another either by words or actions, to take that for true which is not so. Wolff, Inst. Nat. Sec. 356.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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She could not answer it, so she parried it by saying, "Well, if you are not a deceiver, at least you are very romantic"; and Captain William let this observation pass without challenge.
Glaucon laughed and said: Well then, Socrates, in case you and your argument do us any serious injury you shall be acquitted beforehand of the and shall not be held to be a deceiver; take courage then and speak.
There is a terrible coercion in our deeds, which may first turn the honest man into a deceiver and then reconcile him to the change, for this reason--that the second wrong presents itself to him in the guise of the only practicable right.
They resolved, also, to keep along the river, instead of taking the short cut recommended by the fugitive Snake, whom they now set down for a thorough deceiver. The heat of the weather was oppressive, and their horses were, at times, rendered almost frantic by the stings of the prairie flies.
"Dear young lady," he said, bowing low, "I come to you very humbly, for I am afraid that I am a deceiver. I shall rob you of your pleasure, I fear.
I am an adulterer, a murderer, a blasphemer, and a deceiver.'
'Go, deceiver, go, some day, Sir, p'r'aps you'll waken, from pleasure's dream to know, the grief of orphans forsaken.
''They are deceivers. They simply want to damage the reputation of the President of the Republic,' said Claude Lesly Pierre, who later voted against the motion.
Addressing at the Federal Judicial Academy (FJA), CJP expressed that there is no room for deceivers in the honorable professions like judiciary and medicine.
Furthermore, she stated that the group of deceivers has been continuously involved in deceiving the general public.
"Companies expose themselves to greater risk by hiring deceivers."
ISLAMABAD -- The police on Saturday presented three deceivers before the district and sessions court Islamabad who are facing charges of looting people using the name of media, media reported.