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Consequently, Bourassa's position must be seen as falling within the decentralist mainstream.
Both sorts of critic failed to give full recognition, for different reasons, to the federal complexities and decentralist elements built into COAG and the institutions spawned by it.
Sorens, a married man with no children, had studied small separatist and decentralist movements such as the Mormons and the Parti Quebecois.
That Sale arrived at his radically decentralist philosophy as a man of the left, however, might surprise those who associate disunion exclusively with the old Confederacy.
A proliferation of conservative and libertarian think tanks arose in Goldwater's wake, including the Reason Foundation, to lay the basis for shrinking big government by perfecting the critiques of the status quo and working out the details of decentralist, market-based alternatives.
My colleague Gordon Gibson has spelled out a decentralist model for the federal government which does not require constitutional change.
They are open to the possibility of decentralist, bottom-up alternatives to the present system.
If community radio is noncommercial broadcasting at its most decentralist and anti-bureaucratic, and if PBS represents the other extreme, NPR falls somewhere in-between.
Perceptive activists of the decentralist New Left, such asCarl Oglesby, onetime president of the Students for a Democratic Society, recognized persons like Taft as honorable ancestors, perhaps confirming Barry Goldwater's remarkable comment to his aide Karl Hess: "When the histories are written, I'll bet that the old right and the New Left are put down as having a lot in common and that the people in the middle will be the enemy.
His decentralist views give rise to his isolationist sympathies and engender a pantheon of heroes ranging from Dorothy Day and Robert Taft to Gore Vidal and Pat Buchanan.
And neither bill deals with an issue that is necessarily a federal responsibility, making each ripe for reforms consistent with the decentralist approaches Republicans applaud.
Drawing on decentralist and femnist theories of the early 1970s, Satin's New Age Politics called for an escape from the "six-sided prison": patriarchism, ecogenctricity, scientism, bureaucracy, nationlism and urbanism.