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DECIMATION. The punishment of every tenth soldier by lot, was, among the Romans, called decimation.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The authors are strong on the anticipated decimation of many forms of work by AI.
The channelizer solves this challenge by invoking a theorem in digital signal processing known as the Noble Identity to perform decimation ahead of a polyphase filter partition.
Khartoum, 16 Juillet (SUNA) - le Conseil national a appele l'Organisation des Nations Unies (OUN) a faire son role pour la protection des citoyens civils palestiniens et l'application des principes du droit international, qui empechent la decimation collectif et fournit une vie securitaire et decente pour les citoyens.Il a appele, dans son appel remis mercredi a l'ONU par le chef des relations etrangeres au parlement, M.
India, July 9 -- There were a LOT of records broken in last night's 7-1 decimation of Brazil by Germany in the ongoing FIFA World Cup and Twitter has revealed that one such record was achieved outside the Estadio Mineirao stadium.
is betrayal of its promises and principles is rePSected, quite rightly, in the decimation of the Lib Dem vote at the latest elections.
Because the ADO] 2J4000 utilizes the JESD204B serial interface standard, it can output data on one to eight lanes, depending on the decimation and link rate settings, while simplifying layout.
Since then, they put out Manifest Decimation on Southern Lord and have been on a non-stop tear.
Efficient decimation filtering for oversampled discrete-time signals is key in the development of low-power hardware platforms for reconfigurable communication transceivers [1-26].
This decimation is performed by cascading 4 half band filters (HBFs) for each I/Q component (HBF is a lowpass filter with cut frequency in Ks/4) with 2: 1 decimators inserted in between; after F4 the sampling rate is 777.7 ksps, and noise over 194 kHz has been filtered.
For this reason, we denounce this cynical and costly ploy, wrapped up in the Orwellian language of 'Stand Up for Birmingham',' and will continue to support citizen groups opposed to the decimation of the public services in our city.
AS MERSEYSIDERS look forward to the re-opening of a world-class Central Library and prepare to welcome authors and poets to our city for the launch of a literary festiva i l late this month, let's not allow ourselves to be distracted from this council's ongoing plans for the decimation of our neighbourhood libraries.
Remember her taking milk from the mouths of children, closing the mines and the wholesale decimation of the steeelworks and small businesses?