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Analog Devices AD9675 Low Cost, Octal Ultrasound AFE with On-Chip RF Decimator and JESD204B Serial Interface, is the latest addition to the company's award-winning octal ultrasound receiver family.
Including Macintosh computers, Black Magic, Decimator Design and AJA components as well as custom QTAKE HD carts.
Hardware decimator leveraging the DMA as an anti-knock filter
Hardware decimator - used to minimize DSP calculations and reduce CPU load by up to five percent by leveraging the DMA as an anti-knock filter
Serving satellite service providers, teleport operators, satellite operators and manufacturers, our product lines include: Mon-A-Co(TM) Monitor and Control Systems, Carrier/Spectrum Monitoring Systems, Decimator PCI-based spectrum analyzer card, In-Orbit Test Systems, Network Management Systems, Uplink Systems, Satellite Gateways and TT&C Systems.