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Decision client is the ordering customer who initiates a formal decision process.
Recommendation: To improve the Navy's ability to make well-informed basing decisions that are transparent, repeatable, and defendable, and to strengthen the Navy's guidance and associated documentation for its basing decision process, the Secretary of Defense should direct the Secretary of the Navy to describe the link between Navy's five guidance documents--the Chief of Naval Operations Instruction: Navy Organization Change Manual; Strategic Laydown Flow Chart; Strategic Dispersal Flow Chart; the Secretary of the Navy Instruction: Environmental Planning for Department of the Navy Actions; and the Chief of Naval Operations Instruction: Environmental Readiness Program Manual--used to implement the Navy's overall basing decision process.
People need forceful reasons to interact during the decision process.
Members not only must understand the mechanics of the ethical decision process, but also must comprehend the organization's ethical values.
Quite obviously, these models differ substantially in terms of their underlying assumptions about the decision context and the characteristics of the decision process.
A chief criticism of the binding Early Decision process had been that it prevented students from seeking a better financial aid package.
When parents become confused, fragmented, and even detached during the camp decision process, it gives the well-prepared camp an opportunity to step in, become constructively supportive, and likely close the sale.
In formulating a problem in the decision process, an individual's characteristics, including skills and experience, are a major factor in determining decision process and style.
Whether the final decision is a negotiation, directive, or pitched battle, both parents and children usually enter the decision process armed with those perceptions they have developed while each has thought separately and independently about your camp.
Risk and proximity are strong factors in the offshore decision process
We adhere to a dividend policy based on a review of earnings, growth, capital and other factors that our board considers relevant to the dividend decision process.