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TO DECLARE. To make known or publish. By tho constitution of the United States, congress have power to declare war. In this sense the word, declare, signifies, not merely to make it known that war exists, but also to make war and to carry it on. 4 Dall. 37; 1 Story, Const. Sec. 428; Rawle on the Const. 109. In pleading, to declare, is the act of filing a declaration.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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'We are happy that Perak is the first state to compel all its assemblymen to declare assets,' he said, by describing the move as 'Today in History'.
Gray says there are many opposition leaders in government that have failed to declare their assets including the Chairman emeritus of the former ruling Unity Party, Sen.
Mr Michael was First Secretary of the National Assembly when a law was implemented making it compulsory for AMs to declare membership of the society if elected.
August 22: Austria-Hungary declares war on Belgium.
Despite this Dr Marek, now a vice-president at Wrexham, stopped short of saying he would declare the loan, confirming only that he would 'abide by all the rules'.
On August 24, Ukraine again declares its independence, which becomes official in December, when approved by more than 90 percent of Ukrainian voters.
They declare that there is an obligation for our health care system in Canada to provide organs and recommend that the use and success of NHBD transplantation "be disseminated to physicians and nurses working in emergency departments, operating rooms, and intensive care units." Patients in those areas of a hospital are presumably regarded as a prime source of organs suitable for transplant.
Those who want to declare bankruptcy would have to go through consumer credit counseling at their own expense.
The new rule lays down the following labeling guidelines: Products must be labeled that contain one or more allergenic ingredients, but the label does not declare the ingredient in the ingredient statement; that become contaminated with an allergen due to improper control procedures; are contaminated with an allergenic ingredient due to the nature of the product of the process; contain a flavor ingredient that has an allergenic component, but the label of the product only declares the flavor; and that contain a processing aid that has an allergenic component, but the current label does not declare it.
In trying to explain the thirty-nine suicides of Heaven's Gate members earlier this year, one could declare them a product of modern times, related to UFOs, comets, and the lack of spiritual meaning in our hightech society.
He said he was giving an assurance to those intending to declare their assets under the current scheme that they would never face any difficulty in future due to this sharing of the data with the FBR.
In April the then Finance Minister Asad Umarannounced that the government would roll out a new tax amnesty scheme ahead of the budget for individuals to declare their local and foreign assets.