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Of course, for those investigative agencies with quite specialized missions, increased declinations may also represent no more than a shift in national priority, or, as is the case for criminal tax matters, the availability of means other than criminal prosecution to obtain justice.
Note that the declinations given in Table 1 refer to the dip direction exhibited by each individual specimen and not to geographic north.
There are therefore no reasonable grounds for doubting the azimuth, altitude and declination figures quoted by MacKie for these and other points in the southwestern horizon as viewed from Maes Howe.
Two stars exactly abdal are rarely found; approximately abdal stars with declinations not equal reduce the accuracy of the method, introducing successive drifts in the abdal star altitude change per unit change in Pole Star altitude as the observer's latitude position is raised or lowered.
The technology will also store all products ordered as well as any consumer declinations, serving for centralized storage of all documents and a compliance tool for the real estate professional.
The Saturnicentric declinations of Earth and Sun, and hence the tilts of the ring as seen from the Earth and the Sun would be different even if the plane of Saturn's orbit did coincide with the ecliptic.
Whereas ships' captains have recorded declinations over the oceans for the past 400 years, the U.
Stamping offices operating in 15 states provide some regulation for E&S insurers by performing financial reviews, verifying declinations and monitoring the market.
Also intriguing is the way the indicated declinations matching the prehistoric positions of Deneb and other stars seem to fit the available corrected 14C dates very well.
The holes will be drilled at 50 meter intervals at 60 degree declinations, on ten east-west trending lines.
Included in his presentation are ways to: -- Improve medical coding in order to recoup payment -- Handle declinations -- Expedite reimbursements -- Avoid unnecessary errors
When placed in position in the storage room, it is possible that the inclinations remained consistent (if all were originally fired upright or inverted) but their declinations would be scattered.