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Rather than give two decoders partial information, it might seem more efficient to send all the clues to a single decoder, in closer analogy with how crosswords are usually solved.
We've had years of great success with Stradis MPEG-2 decoder boards in our automated server solutions," says Vassil Lefterov, PlayBox CEO.
Then the demodulator converts the analog signals to digital signals and reduces the signals to baseband signals with central frequency at 10MHz, which are absolutely digital signals here, the MPEG decoder converts these digital signals to analog signals, the analog signals here are still interlaced scanning signals which will become progressive scanning signals after the interpolation algorithm of back-end image processing.
The company's product offering includes silicon tuners, demodulators, MPEG audio and video decoders, and dial-up and DOCSIS modems.
E[acute accent]MP@ML MPEG Decoder ICs for Online Networks
The third device is the CX23883 PCI audio/video broadcast decoder, which enables analog and digital audio/video capture, display, or record and playback at a later time through software or hardware audio/video codecs.
The world's first decoder compliant with the MPEG-4 advanced video coding (AVC)/H.
Philips' new family of highly integrated A/V decoders will allow us to bring a single, worldwide product to market in a streamlined form factor, helping us lower manufacturing costs and continue to be a leader in this emerging market.
With more and more consumers adopting the PC as a main source of entertainment, NEC wants to be at the forefront of offering the best audio and video experience for entertainment content, which is why we have chosen to include DTS decoders in the new VALUESTAR and LaVie series PCs," said Hisayoshi Nishida, General Manager, Marketing Division, PC Operations Unit at NEC Personal Products, Ltd.
CTI), announced that the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) is using CTI's encoders and decoders in an intelligent transportation system (ITS) in St.