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Once these streams reach the traffic operations center, CTI's CDX-350 decoders convert the digital signal back into analog video for real-time viewing on various displays and computer screens.
The report also includes forecasts for IC video decoders by units and revenue through 2009.
Since we don't believe in a "one size fits all" approach, we are offering a variety of rack-mountable, appliance-based, streaming gateways combined with an array of ADI IP decoders which offer clear benefits in cost savings and bandwidth efficiency.
Software-based CODECs available in the future will include an MJPEG video encoder and a JPEG still picture encoder and decoder with support for up to 2 megapixels.
The audio decoder framework within the Harmony environment allows designers to easily add, subtract and switch among various software-based audio decoders.
Next, the two decoders compare notes and each updates its guesses and confidence levels.
There are very few individual MPEG-2 manufacturers, the integration of MPEG-2 decoders into the TV control IC tend to be the trends.
Since our licensees are currently developing decoders for Bell Atlantic's and NYNEX's interactive deployments that call for MPEG-2 decompression, it's no surprise that DAVID -- as the first commercially available set-top box operating system environment -- would be the first system to support the L64002.
The CX2427X and CX24500 are the industry's highest performance dual- and single-video decoders, and are based on a powerful ARM([R]) 1176 processor.
Zenith said it plans to use LSI Logic's chip in its digital cable TV decoders scheduled for introduction in 1994.
introduced PhaseKrypt, a new digital video scrambling technology that offers very high video security at approximately the same manufacturing cost as current generation set-top decoders.