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The Lopt, Decomp and Lopt-Decomp procedures were implemented in the visual development environment Xpress-IVE using the solver Xpress-Optimizer v2.
Assim, o primeiro momento e conhecido como Revisao 0 e e a base para os dados de entrada do programa Newave e consequente obtencao dos arquivos de saida a serem utilizados durante todo o mes entrante para calculo do PLD semanal pelo Decomp, bem como da simulacao de 2.
The function decomp is executed, as long as the graph is non-empty.
All spectra were measured with the DECOMP [4] line-finding program developed by Brault.
Because tanaids are prey for a variety of consumers, they may be an important link between the decomp oser community and higher trophic levels in estuarine salt marshes.