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DECORUM. Proper behaviour; good order.
     2. Decorum is requisite in public places, in order to permit all persons to enjoy their rights; for example, decorum is indispensable in church, to enable those assembled, to worship. If, therefore, a person were to disturb the congregation, it would be lawful to put him out. The same might be done in case of a funeral. 1 Mod. 168; 1 Lev. 196 2 Kebl. 124. But a request to desist should be first made, unless, indeed," when the necessity of the case would render such precaution impossible. In using force to restore order and decorum, care must be taken to use no more than is necessary; for any excess will render the party using it guilty of an assault and battery. Vide Battery.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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For driver decorum, HYPE has committed to open its center in Shaw Boulevard as a venue for further driver re-training with the full concurrence of the taxi operators.
If, indeed, the banking players have any sense of decorum, we would have expected that they first handled depositors', and later the central banks' bail out cash with tactfulness!
To express this with a term I consider in greater detail later, the focus is on Zuckerberg's--and by extension, Facebook's--negotiation of online decorum through the telling of personal stories.
Por exemplo, no cenario brasileiro contemporaneo, em que a moderacao em si parece ser condenada e em que a transgressao excessiva e a ruptura dos limites parece ser comemorada, cremos ser oportuna uma reflexao sobre o conceito retorico de decorum. Embora esse conceito ainda prevaleca nos codigos de etica nos ambitos do judiciario e do legislativo, bem como nos de outras categorias, a recorrencia nessas esferas de episodios indecorosos com que nos deparamos a todo momento e, no nosso entender, um indice de que sua revitalizacao e nao so oportuna, mas urgente.
This is also imperative to maintain decency, decorum and dignity of the people and the institutions as well.
Dulce et Decorum Est - named after Wilfred Owen's famous war poem - is due to be unveiled at the Lyceum next week.
Manila: Senator Miriam Santiago has filed a resolution saying that the Senate rules on decorum for members and guests should include a ban on the use of mobile phones and other electronic devices inside the session hall.
The Falstaff Experience is recruiting a man for its new An Evening with Mr Grey event - but bosses say the lucky lothario who lands the job must act with "decency and decorum".
ODC/Dance will perform, too: Founder Brenda Way's slyly humorous Waving Not Drowning (A Guide to Elegance) draws largely from a 1963 French manual on female decorum. No need for you to worry about decorum, though--all you'll need is a good pair of walking shoes.
ROCKAVON (of the Sunday Mail) Today's nap: LOST CAUSE (2.40 Nottingham) KLONDYKE FOXESBOW (3.20 Ludlow) THE SNAIL (3.50 Ludlow) DECORUM (4.00 Brighton) POT LUCK Ludlow placepot 2.20 - 3; 2.50 - 4; 3.20 -4; 3.50 - 4, 6; 4.20 - 2, 3; 4.50 - 2, 6.