Decree of registration

DECREE OF REGISTRATION, Scotch law. A proceeding by which the creditor has immediate execution; it is somewhat like a warrant of attorney to confess judgment. 1 Bell's Com. B. 1, c. 1, p. 4.

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1-114-1) (3 pages) (plaintiffs claim to have a prescriptive easement over the defendants' registered property to reach his garage, which was built in 1924; plaintiffs contention the easement should have been noted in the 1972 decree of registration of the defendants' property and that its absence is due to submission of inaccurate or incomplete plans which, he asserts, amounts to perpetrating a fraud on the court and renders the decree void ab initio) (No.
Title to the property covered by a Torrens certificate of title becomes indefeasible after the expiration of one year from the entry of decree of registration.