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DECRETALS. eccles. law. The decretals are canonical epistles, written by the pope alone, or by the pope and cardinals, at the instance or suit of some one or more persons, for the ordering and determining some matter in. controversy, and have the authority of a law in themselves.
     2. The decretals were published in three volumes. The first volume was collected by Raymundus Barcinius, chaplain to Gregory IX., about the year 1231, and published by him to be read in schools, and used in the ecclesiastical courts. The second volume is the work of Boniface VIII compiled about the year 1298, with additions to and alterations of the ordinances of his predecessors. The third volume is called the Clementines, because made by Clement V., and was published by him in the council of Vienna, about the year 1308. To these may be added the Extravagantes of John XXII. and other bishops of Rome, which, relatively to the others, are called Novelle Constitutiones. Ridley's View, &c. 99, 100,; 1 Fournel, Hist. des Avocats, 194-5.
     3. The false decretals were forged. in the names of the early bishops of Rome, and first appeared about A. D. 845-850. The author of them is not known. They are mentioned in a letter written in the name of the council of Quiercy, by Charles the Bald, to the bishops and lords. of France. See Van Espen Fleury, Droit de Canon, by Andre.

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En la decretal Veniens, concede ex dispensatione una nueva celebracion de matrimonio a un hombre que, antes de consumar su matrimonio, habia mantenido relaciones carnales con la madre de su mujer.
Leena Lofstedt has recently drawn attention to the extensive quotation of the Psalms in the Old French translation of Gratian's Decretals (Brussels, Bibliotheque Royale MS 9084), which dates from the period 1164-1170 and seems to have had some connection to the coterie surrounding Thomas Beckett.
These prohibitions draw on the 1234 Decretals of Gregory IX, which had institutionalized previous Papal denunciations.
En la seva produccio intel-lectual de caire juridic destaquen les glosses al Decret de Gracia i, sobretot, la famosa compilacio de les Decretals, promulgades el 1234 i en vigor fins al codi de dret canonic del papa sant Pius x (1904).
47) What becomes obvious is that during this period Luther was beginning to believe that the pope's policies and decretals were fundamentally antichristian.
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35) Aquinas is, in fact, quoting the Decretals of Pope Gregory IX.
In the ninth century, the Constitutum Constantini was widely circulated as part of the pseudo-Isidorean decretals, Decretales Pseudo-Isidorianae et capitula Angilramni, ed.
While they do not organize a procession during Pantagruel's visit, they parade around the papal Decretals as if they are relics.
It would also be possible to criticize Textual Situations for its disproportionate attention to the marginalia of the 'Smithfield Decretals', as opposed to the decretals themselves; but then Taylor is frank about the limits of his own capacity to engage in the technical exercise of interpreting canon law; and he even manages to turn this frankness to account as an illustration of one of the themes recurrent in the book--that without more and better collaboration, individual modern scholars are simply too narrowly enclosed by disciplinary boundaries to be able to meet the challenges of reading medieval books as complete entities.