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(47) Within his Decretum Gratian comments that priests are not to bear arms, but should exhort those who take up arms when fighting the enemies of God.
Gratian's Decretum established canon law as a field of study.
have attained no less glory among the Spanish than if they had kept this republic in liberty by arms from the oppression of the Moors." He then embarks on the main part of the exercise, a commentary on the assigned text from the Decretum, from which he derives ten conclusiones.
Cicero states that a decretum Caesaris was produced-probably in the summer of 44-that allegedly granted freedom to the province of Crete after governorship of Marcus Brutus in 43.(26) The forger apparently overlooked the blunder that Caesar could not have referred to this governorship since the province was not assigned to Brutus until June or July of 44,(27) but for our purposes the point to notice is that some genuine decrees undoubtedly did include language providing for conditions specifically falling in the period after the Ides of March.
Greta Austin compares two of the most important canonical collections of the eleventh century, the Decretum of Burchard of Worms and Ivo of Chartres's Decretum, on the issue of 'authority', specifically what makes law binding.
Vt veto interim dicam quod sentio, nondum satis mecum constitui, quid ilia veterum autorum censura sibi velit quae distinctione XV, capite Sancta Ro[mana ecclesia] (Decretum Gratiani la pass, dist.
Rev.dus Promotor Iustdtiae Tribunalis Rotae Romanae ad Supremum Signaturae Apostolicae Tribunal provocavit adversum decretum Turni rotalis diei 21 octobris 2009, quo decrevit nullitatem sententiae Tribunalis Maronitarum diei 5 augusti 1991, quin tarnen CI.mus D.nus Z citatus esset ad suum defensionis ius exercendum, ac Promotor Iustitiae Subsdtutus H.S.T.
He begins by tracing legal theories of ownership back to Justinian's Corpus Iuris Civils, then on through the Middle Ages with examples from canon law, the Decretum Gratiani, and the schoolmen, comparing these with early Germanic Codes, such as the Sachsenspiegel (referred to as "the first written code of Germanic law" [19]) and later imperial law reform.
Scholars of medieval canon law generally know Gratian's Harmony of Discordant Canons or Decretum as the foundational work of canonical science.
The second came to be known as the Corpus iuris canonici, made up of Gratian's Decretum (1140), the Liber extra of Gregory IX (1234), the Liber sextus of Boniface VIII (1298), and the Clementinae of Clement V (1314).
Abstract: Due to developments in the theological account of the sacramentality of marriage and the compilation of the Decretum Gratiani, the doctrine concerning the formation of the marriage bond was defined over the course of the 12th century.
The book is a critical study: it reminded me of Gratian's Decretum. The Church of England does not have a finely chiselled Code as the Romans do; many a times, therefore, D.