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For this first instalment, Cardiff groove funk band d'booga will be trying to decypher a number of cryptic clues and map references to travel all over Anglesey following a history path set by eminent (and lovably eccentric) historian Dr John Davies from Aberystwyth.
The open architecture of the portal's design was a key factor that enabled OSC to integrate a number of diverse platforms, including Sun(tm) Fire 6800 systems and TimeLogic DeCypher genomic accelerators.
The letter has a hole torn in it by the removal of the seal, and some words are impossible to decypher.
Squeezing 144 days of run time into 41 hours and 46 minutes, researchers have completed benchmark testing of a DeCypher accelerated Sun Fire machine.
We're very pleased that EraGen selected DeCypher technology to be the core computational horsepower for MasterCatalog analyses," said Jim Lindelien, chairman and CEO of TimeLogic Corporation.
Each 'trap' is relentlessly deconstructed, though it is not easy to decypher quite what is meant by trap, or conveyed in the deconstruction process.
It is a complex tale that requires readers to pay close attention to critical details in order to decypher the author's ingenious plot (it involves an invention that anticipates holography, virtual reality, and several other recent high-tech innovations).
In the past it was considered more rewarding to intercept and decypher the enemy's communications than to disrupt or jam his sources.
At first I had neglected them; but now that I was able to decypher the characters in which they were written, I began to study them with diligence.
Theatre Absolute's Zero found resident writer Chris O'Connell on his sharpest form at Warwick Arts Centre's studio, while grime theatre pioneers The Decypher Collective displayed their wit and innovative linguistic skills with 8Sixteen32, previously performed as a work in progress during 2007, at Birmingham Rep.
Today and tomorrow: Decypher Collective & Inner City Life @ The Rep.