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DEDI, conveyancing. I have given. This word amounts to a warranty in law, when it is in a deed; for example, if in a deed it be said, I have given, &c., to A B, this is a warranty to him and his heirs. Brooke, Abr. Guaranties, pl. 85. Yet the warranty wrought by this word is a special warranty, and extendeth to the heirs of the feoffee during the life of the donor only. Co. Litt. 884, b. Vide Concessi.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Dedi said Syaifullah had received money transfers totaling more than US$28,000 from Western Union between March 2016 and September 2017 from countries including Trinidad and Tobago, the Maldives, Germany, Malaysia and Venezuela.
The Launch of Masar came during the Egypt Media Forum, which was also set in motion by DEDI Media Club, held on the 28 th and 29 th of October in Cairo.
Dedi explains, "We are already seeing the benefits of both systems.
Written in English and Indonesian, and beautifully illustrated with fantastic color paintings of the rhinoceroses frolicking in the rainforest, "The Hornless Rhinoceros" tells the tale of a boy named Dedi and a rhinoceros named Bulu.
For example, "Bilirim, dedi, sonra; senin gibi has insanlar daima boyledir, ettikleri iyilikleri unuturlar" is translated, "'I just know,' she said.
Basyn hE-rriyetinin secimler E[micro]nceside cok kE[micro]tE- durumda olduy-unu vurgulayan Harms, "Fakat artyk erken secimler E[micro]ncesi baskylar synyr tanymyyor" dedi.
Dedi continued that the hotels and inns, located both in Sorong and Raja Ampat regency, are perfectly prepared to welcome all the guests.
And he will be cheered on at ringside by a small group of dedi cated fans this evening.
General secretary of the Indonesian Association of Paint Producers (APCI) Dedi Hernawan demand for protective paint including decorative paint in the country is growing to follow the expansion of property and infrastructure sectors.
Persona la dedi The 26-year-old, British male at SW19 for when he Novak Djokovic received the in the US from Martina Navratilova.
Dedi Gilad, CEO of the company, states that the new device differentiates from existing smartphone applications (which serve similar purposes) in the quality of the samples which are unprecedented.
Dedi Irwanto Muhammad Santun, Venesia dari Timur: Memaknai Produksi dan reproduksi simbolik kota Palembang dari kolonial sampai pascakolonial Jogyakarta: Penerbit Ombak, 2011, xxix + 299 pp.