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DEDI, conveyancing. I have given. This word amounts to a warranty in law, when it is in a deed; for example, if in a deed it be said, I have given, &c., to A B, this is a warranty to him and his heirs. Brooke, Abr. Guaranties, pl. 85. Yet the warranty wrought by this word is a special warranty, and extendeth to the heirs of the feoffee during the life of the donor only. Co. Litt. 884, b. Vide Concessi.

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Dedi Graucher-not directly, not through his driver or in any other form," attorneys David Shimron and Michael Rabello told Channel 10 news.
Indonesian Ambassador to Qatar HE Dedi Seif Al Hadi conferred the award in the presence of a number of dignitaries and officials at Al Ghazal Club, in Doha.
His wife, Dedi, (1) is busy inside with her mother and eldest daughter bathing the other children and preparing dinner.
Ben onlardan olmayacagim" dedi mi yoksa soylediklerini ben mi oyle yorumladim bilmiyorum.
At the core of the contract will be the design and build of 401 dedi cated custodial cell vehicles - the chassis's for which have been provided by Iveco and Renault and the bodies manufactured by the Cartwright Group.
Hoca bana 4 tane yabanci elektro kitabi verdi ve "bu kitaplari oku, calis ve bundan sonra bu herife bir sey sorma" dedi gayet kizgin bir tavirla.
Muna Bur, gender program officer at DEDI, traveled to Copenhagen this past September to observe and draw inspiration from the Danish Photo Marathon, the world's longest-running photo marathon, currently in its 23rd year.
Chairil Effendi (2009) has published a useful overview of oral tradition in West Kalimantan that refers to an unpublished survey by Dedi Ari Asfar of PPKM Untan (Malay Culture Research Center), Pontianak.
Raid coordinator Dedi Syailendra told Metro TV that the confiscated cylinders would be taken to Pertamina headquarters in Lampung.
Baslangicta pimozide ile cok iyi yanit alindi, hasta ilk kontrole geldiginde cok sevincli ve mutluydu: "Doktor, bugun yalnizca bir tane bocek gordum, cok azaldilar" dedi, oysa ben saf saf hastanin "doktooor
Wedi dyddiau o fferru gan fod pob ffenest wedi bod yn llydan agored drwy'r dydd, a golchi pob dim o gotiau i dedi brs, dwi'n meddwl mod i wedi cael gwared ohono fo.
One wonders whether Scholem's apothegm does not have the same validity today, as the reader pursues Alexander's excoriating exegesis of the incendiary statements made within the last decade by people like Amos Oz, Meron Benvenisti, Yigal Tumarkin, Ze'ev Sternhall, Yeshayahu Leibowitz, David Grossman, Dedi Zucker, Yossi Sarid, Avishai Margalit, and Shulamit Aloni.