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With the help of mathematics, scientists can make deductive inferences from the sentences describing the known aspect of the concrete world to the sentences describing the unknown aspect of the concrete world.
Principles of deductive inference are justified by their conformity with accepted deductive practice.
trendless data) and/or knowledge limitations (lack of insight into strategic and tactical tendencies of transaction) prevent more systematic deductive inference.
More specifically, it should reveal the actual reckoning process that the reasoning subject more or less consciously carries out when he makes a deductive inference.
Leibniz's chief stress is on the heuristic and probabilistic aspects of argumentation which escape strict deductive inference (as well as the purely mathematical analysis of probabilities).
Bradley's problem, we are told, is to explain how deductive inference can be "useful" (that is, go beyond what is stated in the premises) while at the same time remaining "legitimate" (that is, justified in a non *Books received are acknowledged in this section by a brief resume, report, or criticism.