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She could feel the deep heat and the tingling all around her.
Its top of the line unit is the Pro Heat Power Massage, WM19, with a pulsating action, deep heat settings, pivoting handle, five massaging surfaces, two-speed control and cushioned grip.
Drying hair up to 70% faster, T3's SoftAire(TM) Flow system and Flawless(TM) tourmaline-infusion process evaporate water in the hair quicker and deliver highly controlled, uniform air flow with deep heat that dries from the inside out eliminating frizz and protecting the hair during the styling process.
FORMER Stoke City goalkeeper Peter Fox boasted of putting Deep Heat in the "sensitive places" of young footballers who got "too big for their boots", a court has heard.
Deep Heat is a trusted bathroom shelf staple | Rubbing shoulders with a legend.
People came with their walking sticks, hearing aids, even smelling of Deep Heat, but always well dressed and jolly.
OUR SPORTING HERO Sponsored by Deep Heat Deep Freeze Our hero does not need to be a winner or champion but someone who has shown real dedication.
Add Deep Heat Relief Muscle Therapy to Any Massage Treatment for the Ultimate Soothing Experience -
It generates millions of ions which bathe feet in ozone while an infra red pad focuses deep heat on the soles and toes and all the time your feet rest on floating acupressure pads which vibrate at the touch of a button.
He said the alleged abuse, which involved Mr Fox using the finger of a glove smeared in Deep Heat, had caused him to turn to drink.