Definite number

DEFINITE NUMBER. An ascertained number; the term is usually applied in opposition to an indefinite number.
     2. When there is a definite number of corporators, in order to do a lawful act, a majority of the whole must be present; but it is not necessary they should, be unanimous; a majority of those present can, in general, perform the act. But when the corporators consist of an indefinite number, any number, consisting of a majority of those present, may do the act. 7 Cowen, R. 402 9 B. & Cr. 648, 851; 7 S. & 11. 517; Ang. & Am. on Corp. 281.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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He would have invited the Scotch stockbroker too, but he had only three chairs, and thus could entertain only a definite number of guests.
We have seen that Anglo-Saxon verse depended on regular stress of a definite number of quantitatively long syllables in each line and on alliteration; that it allowed much variation in the number of unstressed syllables; and that it was without rime.
Mr Mudiwa said the voluntary early retirement process is ongoing but added that no definite number of staff to be let go had been arrived at, although sources earlier told the Business Daily that up to 200 jobs were on the line."We are not targeting any number of staff.
Lavin said that estimates are only meant to guide policy, and are not meant to be a definite number.
"We can't give a definite number as to how many, as well as their nationalities, because those are operational details," he told reporters.
Careem packages work just like a mobile monthly plan, where the desired bundle selected will give the customer a definite number of KMs they are to spend in the prior time of one month per bundle.
Rather, what appears is that a definite number of myocytes containing a ventricle must each grow larger in unison with the LV spherical model regardless of contractile strength of individual myocytes.
When POC president Ricky Vargas was asked to make a prediction before they left for the Indonesia Games, he refused to tick off a definite number. Instead, Vargas said they should be able to improve in the standings.
"We don't have a definite number, objective or goal, but as the product line grows and gets bigger, 150-200 [employees] probably in two years, somewhere in that neighborhood."
He added that given the overlapping nature of the head injuries and surgery, he couldn't give a definite number of blows inflicted, but estimated it was more than 20.