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Le commandement operationnel s'activait de nuit, exploitait des rumeurs et la delation, ignorait le corps judiciaire, qu'on ne peut dire moins prebendier que les autres.
Whilst delation has often been perceived as a mass phenomenon which targeted the Jewish population, recent research has brought to light a far more complex reality.
It would become a centre of delation, intrigue and jealousy of the most debased kind.
Malgre un discours affirmant le contraire, l'approche dominante en matiere de responsabilite se fonde sur une mentalite << de delation >> oo on cherche des coupables pour jeter le blame sur quelqu'un.
Regulus, zelateur de Domitien, qui s'etait par contre distingue dans cette pratique abominable qu'etait la delation et l'insulte en accusant Arulenus Rusticus, de <<singe des stoiciens>> et d'>>esclave marque du fer de Vitellius>>, faisant ainsi reference a une blessure au visage d'Arulenus avait recue au Service de Vitellius (45).
Shakespeare and Rhetoric: dilation and delation in Othello.
That is, an all-embracing theology in which the powers of evil are always vanquished sorts oddly with the actual history of France during the Occupation and afterwards, as La delation sous l'Occupation (2003) details.
If there had been any sort of hearing, they would perhaps have known of the fact of it, and of the outcome, his delation to Pilate and subsequent execution.
The story of Edward Hanna's brush with modernism, delation to the Vatican because of his writings, and consequent loss of episcopal appointment in 1907 is described in several places.
It is as if the material resemblance between dilation and delation, for instance, prompted a semantic kinship between concepts as ostensibly diverse as "opening up" and "bringing charges against.
We propose to introduce an industry-specific, tariff-driven and reward-oriented delation programme applicable to the entire range of engineering goods industry.
These officials, placed throughout the bureaucracy, had no other function than delation.