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As the number of maiestas trials increased, Rome's hatred of delatores increased along with them.
The expectation of power and profits was so potent, in fact, that delatores on many occasions attempted to secure prosecutions using hearsay testimony, false evidence or coerced witnesses.
Indeed, even without the praemia, enterprising delatores still had an incentive to come forth with groundless maiestas claims in the hopes of working their way up the senatorial ranks.
He kept a close watch on the delatores that he empowered and took a keen interest in those trials that offered an opportunity for reform.
But for our purposes, the case serves as one of the leading examples of how Tiberius introduced a helpful precedent for cases in which delatores offered phony charges against the accused.
Looking beyond his control of the delatores, Tiberius also sought to control the senators.