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PUBERTY, civil law. The age in boys after fourteen years until full age, and in girls after twelve years until full age. Ayl. Pand. 63; Hall's Pract. 14; Toull. Dr. Civ. Fr. tom. 6, p. 100; Inst. 1, 22; Dig. 1, 7, 40, 1; Code, 5, 60, 3.

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The XY DSD patients mainly presented with ambiguous genitalia, delayed puberty, primary amenorrhea, undescended testes, micro penis and inguinal mass as shown in table-II.
Howard et al (4) obtained WES data on more than 100 individuals with delayed puberty and identified IGSF10 mutations in six families.
Male puberty, Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism, Gonadotropin releasing hormone receptor mutation, Delayed puberty, Luteinizing hormone, Follicle stimulating hormone, Testosterone
The patient reported no significant oral or inhaled glucocorticoid use, delayed puberty, tobacco or alcohol use, or other risk factors for low bone density.
Using this methodology, we have shown that adolescents, living in the industrialized area of Milazzo-Valle del Mela in the north of Sicily, have increased urinary cadmium levels [21] that are robustly associated to a marked oxidative stress [22] and to a delayed puberty onset and testicular weight in males [14].
Giordano, "Serum leptin levels in males with delayed puberty during short-term pulsatile GnRH administration," Journal of Endocrinological Investigation, vol.
Currently, endocrinologists "use bone age x-rays when they take care of a child who has either early or delayed puberty, to assess where that child is," she said.
But according to a recent review in JAMA Pediatrics, possible symptoms include chronic or intermittent diarrhea or constipation; vomiting; loss of appetite; weight loss (or, in children, growth failure); fatigue; iron deficiency anemia; abnormal dental enamel; mouth ulcers; arthritis and joint pain; bone loss and fractures; short stature; delayed puberty; unexplained infertility and miscarriage; recurring headaches; loss of feeling in hands and feet; poor coordination and unsteadiness; seizures; depression; hallucinations, anxiety and panic attacks.
Furthermore, diagnosis allows prescription of therapy with pain drugs that can relieve the majority of symptoms, such as abdominal, chest and bone pain, fatigue, shortness of breath, accelerated heart rate, delayed puberty, stunted growth, fever and leg ulcers.
Cancer treatments also can lead to precocious or delayed puberty.

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