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PUBERTY, civil law. The age in boys after fourteen years until full age, and in girls after twelve years until full age. Ayl. Pand. 63; Hall's Pract. 14; Toull. Dr. Civ. Fr. tom. 6, p. 100; Inst. 1, 22; Dig. 1, 7, 40, 1; Code, 5, 60, 3.

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They are also prescribed to boys or men to treat conditions that occur when the body produces abnormally low amounts of testosterone, such as delayed puberty and some types of impotence.
Some young adults in their twenties have delayed puberty, due to past inability to take in enough calories orally.
For instance, in boys delayed puberty may be an indication for androgen replacement.
In turn, neuroendocrine dysfunction due to genetic or other deficits can lead, for example, to infertility, impotence, precocious or delayed puberty, defective or excessive growth, obesity and anorexia, Cushing's Syndrome, hypertension or thyroid disorders.
Common symptoms include delayed puberty, growth problems, and diarrhea.
Furthermore, IGF-1 administration to lead-exposed mice with delayed puberty restored pubertal timing (Pine et al.
Contributed by specialists from Europe, Israel, the US, and South America, chapters cover gynecological examination of the child and adolescent, normal female puberty, endocrine evaluation of reproductive function, diagnostic methods, disorders of sex development, vulvovaginitis and other common vulvar disorders, precocious and delayed puberty, ovarian cysts, sexual abuse, menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea, hyperandrogenism, ovarian masses, breast diseases, cervical cancer prevention, chronic pelvic pain, congenital developmental defects of Mullerian derivates, eating disorders, contraception, teen pregnancy, sex education, high-risk sexual behaviors, and culturally sensitive care.
Washington, August 13 (ANI): Even a moderately impaired kidney function can lead to poor growth, delayed puberty, and heart problems in children, according to a new study.
Some people have a delayed puberty due to problems with producing sex hormones and this is easy to check with a simple blood test.
European and American scientists summarize the current clinical and fundamental knowledge of the physiology and pathophysiology of puberty and its disorders, to help clinicians manage children with too early onset of puberty, with delayed puberty, and other puberty disorders.
The statement recommends screening the following for HLA antibodies: persons with gastrointestinal symptoms; those without other explanations for signs and symptoms such as persistent transaminase elevation, short stature, delayed puberty, iron-deficiency anemia, recurrent fetal loss, and infertility; and those with other conditions that are not specific to celiac disease, including irritable bowel syndrome, persistent aphthous stomatitis, autoimmune diseases, peripheral neuropathy, cerebellar ataxia, and dental enamel hypoplasia.
A recently discovered hormone may provide the connection between the slightly delayed puberty experienced by many lean girl ballet dancers and the early puberty that often hits obese girls.