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Willful; purposeful; determined after thoughtful evaluation of all relevant factors; dispassionate. To act with a particular intent, which is derived from a careful consideration of factors that influence the choice to be made.

When used to describe a crime, deliberate denotes that the perpetrator has weighed the motives for the conduct against its consequences and the criminal character of the conduct before deciding to act in such a manner. A deliberate person does not act rashly or suddenly but with a preconceived intention.

Deliberate is synonymous with premeditated.

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1) adj. (dee-lib-er-et) done with care and intention or premeditated. 2) v. (dee-lib-er-ate) to consider the facts, the laws and/or other matters, particularly by members of a jury, a panel of judges, or by any group including a legislature.

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TO DELIBERATE. To examine, to consult, in order to form an opinion. Thus, a jury deliberate as to their verdict.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Out of the deliberate fires started in the areas around Bankfield Road and Holmefields Road, 47 took place in 2017/18.
He said: "We're working closely with Northumbria Police and other partners to reduce the number of deliberate fires in our area.
The year 2011-12 was the worst for arson in the area, with 63 deliberate fires in all.
"We're working closely withNorthumbria Policeand other partners to reduce the number of deliberate fires in our area.
Of these, 300 of the fires started in bins or rubbish - the highest number of any area in England Six deliberate fires in the neighbourhood were classed as "more serious".
As a result of urgent investigative measures and operational-search actions of police and Prosecutor, Mukhtarov Tural Arif oghlu born in 1987 suspected in deliberate murder of B.Bakayev was detained and a criminal tool of 1 pcs knife was confiscated as material proof.
Deliberate Minute attempts to provide short sweet life-hacks with this episode focused on the importance of allowing self fulfillment to be a healthy and necessary priority.
He said: "We continue to work towards reducing deliberate fires and remain below both the national and north of Scotland averages.
Coventry Road, Nuneaton -grass and shrubs on fire Vicarage Street, Nuneaton -tree stump on fire Pembrooke Way, Nuneaton - deliberate refuse fire Coleshill Road, Ansley -deliberate grass fire Coventry Road, Bedworth -deliberate refuse fire Stockingford recreation ground - deliberate grass fire Beverley Avenue, Nuneaton - deliberate refuse fire Ascot Close, Bedworth -deliberate refuse fire Exhall - accidental fence fire Keenan Drive, Bedworth - two garden sheds, fence panels and trees on fire Those who have any concerns should report them to Police via 101.
"It's pleasing to note this reduction - but we will not be complacent, and will always look at how we can continue to drive down deliberate fires.
Across Scotland, firefighters were called to tackle more than 1,800 deliberate fires across Scotland.
Deliberate house fires remain a major issue in Renfrewshire, accounting for 22 per cent of blazes, however, "incidents show a decrease of 73 per cent (11) when compared to the previous year.