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n. the act of considering, discussing, and, hopefully, reaching a conclusion, such as a jury's discussions, voting and decision-making.

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DELIBERATION, contracts, crimes. The act of the understanding, by which the party examines whether a thing proposed ought to be done or not to be done, or whether it ought to be done in one manner or another. The deliberation relates to the end proposed, to the means of accomplishing that end, or to both.
     2. It is a presumption of law that all acts committed, are done with due deliberation, that the party intended to do what he has done. But he may, show the contrary; in contracts, for example, he may show he has been taken by surprise; (q.v.) and when a criminal act is charged, he may prove that it Was an accident, and not with deliberation, that in fact there was no intention or will. See Intention; Will.

DELIBERATION. legislation. The council which is held touching some business, in an assembly having the power to act in relation to it.
     2. In deliberative assemblies, it is presumed that each member will listen to the opinions and arguments of the others before he arrives at a conclusion.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Romualdez said the measures are expected to face easy sailing in the committee deliberations as these were already approved by the House of Representatives in the 17th Congress.
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Authoritarian regimes, in contrast, are generally considered uncongenial to political deliberation. Yet mixed modes of governance have been observed in Chinese politics, ranging from typical command authoritarianism to more talk-centric consultative and deliberative authoritarianism (He & Thogersen, 2010; He & Warren, 2011).
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Deliberative valuation has been advocated as a way to overcome this problem, but deliberation may also be exclusive.
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