deliberative body

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The only difference Davis allowed for between debate competitions and an actual deliberative body was that the motion should be unamendable.
As a result, the greatest deliberative body in the world now has difficulty deliberating on anything of importance.
Senate set out to rebuild the crumbling image of the world's greatest deliberative body, they started from the ground up.
Given the security situation in Libya and that the CDA is a collective, deliberative body, these members do not want to be steamrolled by their presidency or by the public into publishing something that they consider premature.
During that time he's made a name for himself as one ofthe more libertarian-spirited members of The World's Greatest Deliberative Body. He's been critical of both Democrats and Republicans, but he's also been constructive, proposing more oversight on federal surveillance activities as well as innovative tax reform plans.
Of course, one might imagine that a deliberative body, through democratic processes, could curtail a number of the resources available to disadvantaged citizens.
When the Rabbis imagined the Great Sanhedrin, the high court and the great judicial deliberative body, they regulated the court's deliberation such that the most junior members are given the right to speak first so that they would not be intimidated by the more senior members.
Senate, the world's greatest deliberative body, (and who actually holds the very Senate seat once held by Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Van Buren, and DeWitt Clinton) offered up Friday at Buffalo's Avant Building:
Finally, the rating proposal is submitted to an independent deliberative body for the rating decision which, as set out by the European Regulation on Rating Agencies, is then communicated in advance to the rated entity.
This is Senate Hair Care Services, the official barbershop and salon of the world's greatest deliberative body. To reach it, customers must navigate past the office of freshman Arizona Sen.
Why, after all, shouldn't the people themselves choose the men or women who will represent them in the world's greatest deliberative body? That is, apparently, "more democracy." But we could have more democracy yet if we apportioned the U.S.
Get a pass from your Senator or Representative and see our deliberative body in action.