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Over viewing those mentioned above, having in mind the three claimed criterions: connectivity, integrated solutions and delocalised systems, information technology is positive appreciated with simple majority by companies' managers (figure 3).
since the teaching activities on the ground floor of the building are not delocalised during the works, these will have to take place on a busy site.
The German energy market is quite delocalised and largely in the hands of the private sector.
A careful selection of appropriated systems with these type of metal complexes is expected lead to new materials with unconventional electrical and magnetic properties and its study can provide illuminating conclusions on the structure properties relationships and can put in evidence the role of the localised magnetic moments and its interaction with delocalised conduction electrons in molecular solids.
The Mediterranean in particular, including France, is pitted against more liberal countries like Sweden and the UK, where all the textile production has been delocalised and where the tendency is towards openness.