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And other delusions may grow out of it at any moment.
It is one among my other delusions to believe that I am still perfectly capable of taking care of myself.
Backward they always gaze toward dark ages: then, indeed, were delusion and faith something different.
The resulting delusions in very many cases disappear if the hysteric or lunatic can be made to face the facts about himself.
On this question of the study of delusions, the practical effect of the modern theories, as Dr.
These ladies remain ladies to you, and to themselves, and to everybody else; and at the same time they will suffer in no way from my delusion, for when I know that an ostensible hog is a lady, that is enough for me, I know how to treat her.
It is plain, then, that phrenologically the head of this Leviathan, in the creature's living intact state, is an entire delusion.
He had long known that the delusion was partly due to a trap laid for him by Dunstan, who saw in his brother's degrading marriage the means of gratifying at once his jealous hate and his cupidity.
persist in returning to your delusion," she said, "you will oblige
I would go out into the streets to fight with my delusion, and prowling women would mew after me; furtive, craving men glance jealously at me; weary, pale workers go coughing by me with tired eyes and eager paces, like wounded deer dripping blood; old people, bent and dull, pass murmuring to themselves; and, all unheeding, a ragged tail of gibing children.
With the partial recovery of his animation came the return of his wonderful delusion on the subject of swimming.
While he spoke, Emma's mind was most busy, and, with all the wonderful velocity of thought, had been ableand yet without losing a word to catch and comprehend the exact truth of the whole; to see that Harriet's hopes had been entirely groundless, a mistake, a delusion, as complete a delusion as any of her ownthat Harriet was nothing; that she was every thing herself; that what she had been saying relative to Harriet had been all taken as the language of her own feelings; and that her agitation, her doubts, her reluctance, her discouragement, had been all received as discouragement from herself.