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Demand characteristics are generally treated as implicit cues that convey the researcher's expectations about the results (e.
Demand characteristics, including general market response and seasonality, may affect the sales or shelf-life of the product and, therefore, require a supply chain that can make adjustments in production, design, and raw materials.
The self-controlled participants may have been somewhat more responsive to the instructed demand characteristics than were the impulsive participants, a disparity that runs counter to that of the original findings: a change in preference among impulsive participants but no change among the self-controlled.
For IFE hardware and content suppliers, opportunities for growth are scarce; it is essential to understand airline strategies and future demand characteristics, when building their business plans and draw their business development strategies," observes Aviation Senior Consultant Diogenis Papiomytis.
However, the first six months of 2002 have been sluggish, as the market warms to improved demand characteristics and a growing economy.
The market's favorable supply and demand characteristics, in conjunction with our recent success at Melville Square Corporate Center in bringing that project to 85 percent occupancy within five months of building completion, support our endeavor to go forward at Reckson Executive Park.
Its prestigious reputation is the basis of its highly selective demand characteristics at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.
After a year of institutional selling of both large and small packages of distressed real estate portfolios at steeply discounted prices, it is our opinion that 1993 will see a balance in the supply and demand characteristics of the market and that will have a stabilizing effect on values.
About Forisk Consulting: Forisk specializes in analyzing the supply and demand characteristics of local wood and timber markets.