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However, although it is probable that some suitable demand characteristics where left out of the analysis, it is unlikely that they could raise the coefficients of determination by a large amount, because the characteristics used in the current analysis already represent quite a variety of potential demand aspects.
Demand characteristics are generally treated as implicit cues that convey the researcher's expectations about the results (e.
Demand characteristics, including general market response and seasonality, may affect the sales or shelf-life of the product and, therefore, require a supply chain that can make adjustments in production, design, and raw materials.
Rapidly Changing Designs: Unlike the designs of the past which lasted for a number of years for a model of vehicle, the demand characteristics for automobiles in the future would change very rapidly making a model absolute in a few months.
Each city has its own supply and demand characteristics and may be in different stages in the hotel's life cycle.
Yet every one of the appraisers queried consider their profession to be a rewarding and stimulating career with a great future given market demand characteristics.
Fitch believes the factors that have contributed to cash flow deterioration in the past--a challenging regulatory environment and changing demand characteristics for the industry--are unlikely to change in the near term, and may even escalate.
Another possible biasing factor involves demand characteristics, because subjects' expectations concerning the nature of the task have been found to affect performance in various task situations (Orne, 1962; Orne & Evans, 1965; Rosenthal, 1966).
Category IV represents instructed demand characteristics.
Identifying a number of value add strategies, we continue to invest in this high quality, well situated portfolio to take advantage of the strong occupier demand characteristics of the Covent Garden area.
These specialty retailers will be a perfect fit to the neighborhood, according to Spiegelman, who added, "The retail space at 1880 Broadway was extremely well designed and positioned to meet the heart of the demand characteristics of the market which is the better quality, specialty retail concepts that require medium to large sized footprints that otherwise wouldn't be found anywhere in the market.
However, the first six months of 2002 have been sluggish, as the market warms to improved demand characteristics and a growing economy.