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Years Electricity GDP per capita GDP growth rate Electricity consumption (ten thousand (%) demand growth (%) yuan/people) elasticity 2003 15.30 1.04 10.00 1.56 2004 15.46 1.23 10.10 1.52 2005 13.90 1.40 11.30 1.19 2006 14.16 1.64 12.70 1.15 2007 14.42 2.02 14.20 1.01 2008 5.49 2.38 9.60 0.58 2009 6.44 2.55 9.20 0.78 2010 14.77 2.98 10.40 1.27 2011 11.97 3.50 9.30 1.30 The results show that there are significant and stable positive correlations among GDP per capita, GDP growth rate, and electricity demand elasticity. Table 2: Multiple scenarios parameter design.
The influence of aggregate demand elasticity on the federal budget deficit.
When the oil demand elasticity (for both exporting and importing countries) is lower, the optimal subsidy rate is higher (s = 0.53) than in the baseline demand elasticity case but still lower than current subsidy levels.
"The Influence of Aggregate Demand Elasticity on the Federal Budget Deficit," Journal of Economics and Finance Education, 13: Forthcoming.
Income demand elasticity is negative and significant between 1 percent level and 10 percent level across all set of countries and the sum of exports from lower-middle income countries is positive and significant at 1 percent level across all set of countries.
Many businesses experience demand elasticity and cloud computing is a natural fit in providing cost effective service in this area.
The first aimed at evaluating the demand elasticity for mobile voice services.
When one allows for the contract choice response, the gross price elasticity of demand for medical care and the cost-sharing demand elasticity diverge.
In particular, I define the demand elasticity, [D.sub.j], as [D.sub.j] = [[summation].sub.k] [s.sup.M.sub.jk][s.sup.E.sub.k].
The stochastic process, [[epsilon].sub.t], is the time-varying demand elasticity. I assume that all firms behave symmetrically and suppress firm-specific indices.
[E.sub.pc] = Demand elasticity of commodity i with respect to its market price.