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The outward physical behavior and appearance of a person.

Demeanor is not merely what someone says but the manner in which it is said. Factors that contribute to an individual's demeanor include tone of voice, facial expressions, gestures, and carriage.

The term demeanor is most often applied to a witness during a trial. Demeanor evidence is quite valuable in shedding light on the credibility of a witness, which is one of the reasons why personal presence at trial is considered to be of paramount importance and has great significance concerning the Hearsay rule. To aid a jury in its determination of whether or not it should believe or disbelieve particular testimony, it should be provided with the opportunity to hear statements directly from a witness in court whenever possible.

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'If I have that kind of demeanor, the happiness will eventually translate to the game because if I'm overly emotional you'll limit your performance and you won't play at the best of your abilities.'
Further, the dread of being caught red-handed would have a remedial effect on the behavior and demeanor of the traffic staff.
We consider a teacher's demeanor and the environment she creates to be related, and so review them together.
We like to put on record the demeanor of the witness," David told the court during the hearing yesterday on the bail petition of Napoles and Senator Jinggoy Ejercito Estrada.
So, whether in a positive or negative way, agent demeanor can impact customer satisfaction, which in turn impacts the bottom line.
Introducing readers to an easy-to-follow practical guide for courtroom demeanor, platform skills, jury selection, exhibits, language, trial strategy, and witnesses, One-Hundred-And-One Quick Courtroom Tips For Busy Lawyers walks the reader through an intelligent and easy-to-follow understanding of the courtroom proceedings with a format perfect for the novice lawyer who would need it the most.
Abe will be remembered by his colleagues for his complex real estate problem solving prowess, his exceptionally ethical standards and personable demeanor.
Offenders can sense changes in officers' demeanor and can draw inferences from their body language that could indicate what future actions they may make.
Parks once after her autobiography first came out in 1992, and she still exuded a calm determination, wrapped in a sweet demeanor, that made her the right woman at the right time and place.
Intricate combinations are superbly executed by principals and soloists of RDB (coached by Vessel Schluter) with modern precision, finesse, and proper demeanor. The dancers live up to Bournonville's description of ideal dancing in his Etudes Choreographiques: "noble simplicity [which] is always beautiful ...
Their stoic demeanor, large limpid eyes, and aura of reflective quietude have led them to be reckoned as symbols of wisdom, the companions of Athena.
All proclaimed that they did not know what Pratt was up to and seemed sincere in their demeanor and delivery.