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DEMIES. In some universities and colleges this term is synonymous with scholars. Boyle on Charities, 129.

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Demi's mum, Donna, 47, and her sister Jade, 27, said the day was the best way to remember happy Demi.
I also want to thank the staff on ward 1B at the RVI, where Demi stayed.
Andy even gave Demi and her mum tickets to the Davis Cup match.
amp;nbsp;In addition to her music accomplishments, Demi has dedication as a mentor to teens and young adults with mental health challenges and substance abuse and is an advocate for the LGBT community.
Demi, who lives in Nottingham and has two children, Mia, five and Tyriece, two, said: I believe Dalian Atkinson to be my dad and I trust my mum with all my heart and she would not lie to me.
After "Fire Starter" and "Remember December," Demi sat down and asked the audience to put our lighted phones up so she could see us all.
In her previous and third tour, "Neon Lights," Demi reached out to the fans all the more by imparting with them the trying times of her life.
Demi was wearing a white work tunic with the words "Michael John" on it, three-quarter-length sleeves and shiny black leggings.
Attempts were made to revive Demi before she was taken to hospital by ambulance.
Now Ghost star Demi, 50, is demanding spousal maintenance and for Two and a Half Men star Ashton to pay her legal fees.