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DEMOCRACY, government. That form of government in which the sovereign power is exercised by the people in a body, as was the practice in some of the states of Ancient Greece; the term representative democracy has been given to a republican government like that of the United States.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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It is true that all societies may not be ready for a free and democratic regime. Demands for freedom and democracy would seldom, however, be raised without society being ready for it.
On the surface, it is clear that in Pakistan the growth rate during military regimes was much higher than in democratic regimes. Apart from the GDP rate, several other indicators also improved during military rules.
The studied examples have shown that the nature of non-democratic regimes and the ways of their transition influence the consolidation of security bodies of new democratic regimes in a predictable manner.
This research paper aims to compare average external debts between military and democratic regimes across last 41 years ending in 2012 which has a different combination of military and democratic regimes.
In the last year researchers in the field of democratization have undertaken efforts to cope with the emergency of the recent economic crisis and its effect on democracy, democratic regimes and new democracies.
It is rather more an integral part of democratic regimes, for all with no exception," said Kassas.
The current crisis in the advanced countries, which may very well lead to a global recession (if it is not already doing so), not only reveals the many maladies of democratic regimes, but also acts as their incubator and accelerator.
There are 26 countries in the world with absolute democracy.Another 55 states have partially democratic regimes, including Italy, France, Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Baltic states.
"As we have repeatedly said democratic regimes do not accept violence as a way to seek one's rights.
"Democratic regimes in India has barred terrorism from the country," Sharif said.
But the authors only deal with social class in passing, assuming without evidence that more formally democratic regimes provide more input from working-class people.
However, recent experiences in Africa and Latin America indicate that democratic decay and political delegitimization coupled with disastrous economic performance shortened the life span of many democratic regimes. It is therefore not clear whether democracies are more or less resilient than dictatorships.

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