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DEMOCRACY, government. That form of government in which the sovereign power is exercised by the people in a body, as was the practice in some of the states of Ancient Greece; the term representative democracy has been given to a republican government like that of the United States.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Thus, for ethical as well as practical reasons the cause should be the single independent democratic state insisted on by all Palestine Arab Congresses and then by the PLO for 70 years.
In 1918, Azerbaijan declared its independence and created a democratic state, he said.
Talking with a Turkish media delegation in Islamabad, he said Pakistan is a modern democratic state where media enjoys unprecedented freedom and acts as watchdog of the society.
"Their respect and what they will produce is what must unite us." Otherwise we will talk about a false Macedonian syndrome of self-destruction, instead of using words "lack of democratic state of mind".
The Times of London diplomatic editor, Roger Boyes says that it is in the interest of all democratic nations to counter bullying of a small democratic state by a larger power including the case of Taiwan, in article published on July 4.
Last night’s results in the June 5 primary showed Robert Menendez, the Democratic incumbent, having won 258,042 votes, or 62.13 percent of all Democratic state voters.Last night's results in the June 5 primary showed Robert Menendez, the Democratic incumbent, having won 258,042 votes, or 62.13 percent of all Democratic state voters.
<br />The finalized contract makes the ODP the first Democratic state party in the nation to complete bargaining negotiations and unionize its staff.
He said completion of present government' s constitutional tenure and holding of Senate elections on time, indicated that Pakistan was a sovereign, stable and democratic state. He added that such measures would enhance image of the country besides positive impact on national economy.
In this connection, Rahi listed two main challenges facing the Lebanese officials, the first being, the promotion of the coexistence and, the second, building of a modern democratic state. "The first challenge (for politicians) is to promote the coexistence...and the second challenge is to build a modern democratic state that protects the formula of coexistence, and reconciling citizenship with individuals and pluralism for the community," he concluded.
He said after winning the next general election, the party will complete its incomplete tasks and turn the country into a true democratic state.
In my opinion, it is not a good idea to install technocrats in ministries because they don't have any public support, the raison d'etre of a democratic state. I think it has been the inability of elected representatives to set any example of good governance in the country, but one should also blame those unseen hands behind the scene that often intrude to derail the system.

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