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The UNSC's unreleased statement tackled three elements: the council's deep concerns over the instability in security, the rising violence and unrest, and the need to respect the democratically-elected government.
As the democratically-elected leaders wined and dined each other, police violence spiralled out of control and demonstrators were mercilessly beaten when doing nothing more harmful than sleeping in dormitories set aside for them by the authorities.
In an interview, he said a democratically-elected government is going to complete its five year term first time.
Reacting to PML-Ns decision to stage a sit-in outside the Presidency, he said the PML-N was out to hatch a conspiracy against democracy and a democratically-elected government in the country.
Who became the Russian Federation's first democratically-elected president in 1991?
TO AR of Gateshead, I purposely omitted politicians from my list of most despised professions as they are democratically-elected and can be voted out of office.
The democratically-elected Commons or a bunch of cops after a political scalp.
CHILE exploded in September 1973 when President Salvador Allende (pictured right), the world's first democratically-elected Marxist head of state, died in a revolt led by army leaders.
SIR - Turkeys are said not to be in favour of Christmas nor some MPs in favour of the idea of democratically-elected government in Wales.
They should recognise the democratically-elected Palestine government of Hamas; help restore the EU aid budget, stop fomenting trouble between Abbas' Fatah party and Hamas, and play an active role in the peace process, by advancing the road map for a two-state solution based on the 1967 borders, thereby mitigating the fundamental injustices we have done to the Palestinians over the years.
Younger readers may not know that in 1987, 47 democratically-elected councillors were surcharged and removed from office for challenging Thatcher by refusing to implement cuts and, among other achievements, building 5, 000 houses.

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